Jun 22, 2007

join the hive

Peter Cook had a similar idea for a house, but I was thinking along the lines of just one room that is hollowed out to provide spaces for its use. Of course, there would be an absence of giant man-eating ants.

Record Chair/Stool

I needed a computer chair and I needed somewhere to put my records. My own living space and budget are limited so I devised this. It will be made from cardboard salvaged from Costco. These could potentially be stackable units made from other materials, I suppose.



Using the pole as a spring point, use components fill out the piece like a multifunctional tree. I originally imagined this as a forest of poles at varying levels. A wide array of components would be developed to attach to the poles to provide a system to fit any use.

Jun 21, 2007

Beer Chair

Has any one else become tired of having to walk all the way to the kitchen to pour yourself a draft beer? I know I have. Thats where the beer chair comes into play. All you have to do is reach over to the arm rest to get a refill. It has two taps and you can store a couple mini kegs as well as a CO2 tank right there in the chair. And of course it does recline, complete with a leg rest. If this doesn't get you starting you're own home-brew habit, I don't know what will.

the lawn sailor

The lawn sailor is a celebration of the outdoors. Inspired by my time as a buckaneer in northern California. The forms are meant to be simple to suggest relaxation and being sheltered.


This is Erin Lauer's submission for Furnathon. Paper tubes are used in this piece to store yarn for knitting. The use of paper tubes seems to be a common theme for furnathon 07

Chairs of Destiny

This is Mary Rasure's chair collection. Most of these deal with a pun about the use of the chair. All the drawings were rendered on six pack cardboard. Obviously the inspiration.

Jun 20, 2007

Post-Auto Furniture

Consider this an exploration of what we might do with all the useless car parts in the not-so-distant future(?). How can the wasteful excesses of our past be put to good use in the future?

Jun 19, 2007

Bike Chute

Where is the spot to ride my bike into the river? That was the question I asked myself today. The solution was the bike chute. As you can see, it does require some guerrilla techniques to saw off the railing but still is very reasonable.

The backyard bunker is for those seeking the kind of solitude only 10' of dirt can provide. Bonuses include a space for reading and natural light.

Jun 18, 2007


Well, can't beat the animal furniture, but here's a quick crack at some seating, storage things. Same module is repeated, can stack on top of each other to provide a nice little shelf, lined up in a row to lay down on. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!!!!!!!!

Lets get the ball rolling...

So this is a quick and simple one. I actually thought if it yesterday at the rebuilding center. I had always thought it would be cool to use a used door for a piece of furniture. I was thinking of making a bookshelf but a normal sized door is too big. Then I saw the bifolds for $3 each. For $9 plus a few 2x4s (the rebuilding center has some really nice reclaimed CVG fir) you have yourself a pretty easy, cheap, but good sized bookshelf.

furnathon '07 begins

Animal Collection
Forget a plaid couch and standard table sizes, this is the fantastical to be enjoyed as a part of everyday life. The animals would be rendered in any number of materials suited to the function-foam, wood, metal, plastic. The idea is meant to challenge our understanding of standard furniture design and to incorporate a symbolic note of the natural. Why can't we climb up to sit on 20' giraffe couch?

Jun 10, 2007

Furnathon 2007

Furniture Gang is a design/build furniture consortium in Portland, Oregon. Our outreach department has initiated an invitation to everyone to take part in out 5 day Furnathon; June 18-22. here's the reasoning and specifics:

Header: After months of solitude, working away on our private projects for our own gratification... furniture gang would like to reach out.

Rules: Create a new piece of conceptual furniture each day for five days to be displayed any way you like. Each night the entrees will be posted for review on our blog for review by the community.

Reasons: We need more chances to do no holds barred design just for the fun of it.
It's a practice in free form design without the restrictions of reality.
It's a race to see what you can come up with on a daily basis.
It's a challenge to how we live and occupy space and to explore those flashes of inventiveness that usually get ignored or unexplored.

the image that started it all

The prison tat logo that sold us on the name Furniture Gang. Logo design created by Robert Funk and yes, those are his real hands. In case you're wondering what this logo would look like on a half shirt, see image below. Our current t-shirt supplier is American Apparel. Both logos are available for t's and a third mystery logo is on its way. Shirt requests can be routed through us, just send an email. Our Myspace page is also where we have a selection of our work displayed. Stay tuned for interviews of the furniture gang members and the start of Furnathon '07.