Sep 8, 2008


Mod Wall is a system of integrated storage modules that can be arrange in numerous iterations to accommodate any sized living situation. Mod wall can be arranged along an existing wall creating a storage, media area, or in the middle of a room as a dividing wall, with functions that can be engaged from all sides. Potentially can include bed, kitchen utility and more.

Sep 5, 2008

Sleeker Model

Same great styling as the previous model, but now with fins! Aren't you excited?? There is something vaguely deli-counteresque but it provides that much needed storage for trashy scifi novels and the beer can collection. You know you have them.

Storage Bed is a Hit

This one is going in to production. The bossman's cousin wanted a bed. I had it designed and sent to the joinery shop the next day. We are on the fast track and using all the tools of the era; 3D modeling, digital 3D files to the manufacturer and CNC production.

Now why can't this be done with the building industry?