May 23, 2010

Prototype 2 - Salmon Light

I have uploaded these more demonstrative photos of the light minus all the glue, sawdust and background stuff. The photos are courtesy of rhianna at accio photography. The photo above is a photoshopped over exposure of the light. It is more along the lines of the lighting concept that we had in mind. See the photos for a more detailed view of the hanging option and the lighting effect from the desk option.

May 19, 2010

SF Maker Faire

The salmon light is now available for purchase on Ponoko. It comes in a range of materials from colored acrylic to veneer plywood. We have also been making it out of wood veneered plexi with the help of Dave at Architectural Prototypes. Dave (Architectural Prototypes link) has helped to get the first mdf and the first wood veneer on plexi options produced and has been very helpful in recommending materials and suppliers for different components.

We have two options ($105, $350) for purchasing the light depending on whether or not people are interested in assembling the light themselves. The cheaper version is flatpacked much like ikea products to save on costs. the other option is to have it shipped fully assembled and ready to plug in. Ponoko has recently selected us to be part of their maker faire display in San Fran this weekend, so if you're in the area check it out. The maker faire version is out of the ivory acrylic.

We used the extra space around the light on the plexi sheets to make some tiny salmon smolts. I then assembled the smolts into an illuminated mobile.

May 22-23 in San Francisco

Ponoko Materials