Aug 28, 2009

Heavy Bench

Why: Because I think steel and wood should be buddies.
Who: Shane o
Where: Portland, OR

Classic Car Rehash

My brother and I have a '67 Pontiac Firebird that we occasionally work on. The backup plan (if we never get it to run) is similar to the concept rendering above. Yank out the engine and seats, put a bbq/cooking area in the engine compartment for a classic car backyard pavilion. In place of the seats, a new bed platform done in the same style as the original seats is put in the car interior with a working stereo and lights. Chop a sun/moon roof in the top and you have a micro guest house. The key is to make to car look flash, new tires and a good paint job and all working electronics including a heater but it becomes a feature of the yard, garage, etc. This is a continuation of greg's post about rethinking the car.

Why: Because I love the shape of classic cars and think they should be used for other purposes beyond transportation
Who: Ben Allee

Aug 26, 2009

Adult High Chair

Why: "My design is essentially a chair with a tray that pulls from a side compartment, with a modern look and feel. The idea behind it is a take-off on high chairs made for kids - why not have an adult, nice-looking chair that can be used in lieu of a table, be put in any room, and can work as a somewhat portable desk for laptop use, dinner for one, etc. Kind of like school chairs with the tray on top, but again, more modern and lighter, with the option to put the tray down."

Who: Tina G, background in fine art and graphic design

Where: Topanga, CA

Great idea and thanks for the submission, Tina. Maybe the table portion could just be an add-on for any chair which would expand the number of people that could use your design. Feel free to send in any other designs you have been sitting on to share.

Astronaut Campfire

We need some advanced planning because 2020 is sooner than we all think. With Virgin Galactic and space hotels and what not left to their own devices we'll end up with spaces designed by engineers. that means the difference between living on an oil rig or some sweet future systems dream scape. we need to start to define the needs and spaces on spacial settlement.

The space campfire might be an obtuse future projection of a need, but is indicative of a basic requirement for socializing. Besides, where are the future space boyscouts going to tell stories similar to: 'and the call was coming from inside the lunar module!'

Fire in space? I'm not too clear on the details, I'm not a scientist. What I believe is important is to make sure the basics of human habitation are covered. Can't you already taste those space dogs? I'm not sure what the recommendation of the augustine panel was but what else would you like on the moon?

Why: I have been listening to a lot of the 'space show podcast' and reading Philip K Dick, and I love any excuse to do some watercolor sketches. A special shout out to Dr. Space - Dr. David Livingston. Keep the dream alive.

Who: Ben Allee

Leaf Lamp

Why: A combination bedside lamp and table support for books, clocks etc.
Who: Ben Allee, Furniture Gang

Aug 24, 2009

Chaise en bois

who: Khaled Morgan, 25 years old, doing a masters in sustainable architecture in Milan

why: "I have an enormous interest in all the design's domains including furniture, industrial design and arts. I think they are all related to creativity."

where: Piacenza, Italy

We at Furniture Gang heartily agree with you, Khaled and appreciate your submission. Keep it coming.

Clothesline Pavilion

I offer the designer series clothes line, half arbor and half clothesline. Why not make a space out of the zone for drying clothes? In Australia there is the ubiquitous pole clothesline that offers nothing and takes up space and plagues the suburban backyard. Why can't we intergrate this use in order to make a little space or define a boundary in the yard?

who: Ben Allee, Furniture Gang

why: Furnathon for me is about capturing those moments of design inspiration.

Furnathon 09 - Alternate modes of transport

Furnathon 09 is off. Let the fun begin.

The furniture gang R&D department has been hard at work offering its own solutions to the sustainable transportation issue. Being in australia offers a rare insight into a potentially vast and inexhaustible resource of kangaroo assisted transport.

Note: Kangaroo in photo not to scale

Aug 7, 2009

furnathon 08 highlights

It's furnathon season again. I thought that we would post some of the highlights from last year. The core idea of furnathon is to see what ideas you generate during the day in reference to design and then post them. But we are happy to have any ideas that people have developed on their own and would like to share. Consequently, the work varies from polished 3d models to simple sketches. Let's get those design engines revved for this year.

Justin H's (SFO) new furniture gang logo
Michael Mckenzie's smart spaces storage lounge
Inigo Ortiz Monasterio (Mexico) zero waste plywood designs
Inigo Ortiz Monasterio (Mexico) zero waste plywood designs
Shane O's (PDX) modular storage chair
Shane O's (PDX) modular storage chair
Ben A's (Australia) all in one furniture cabinet
Ben A's (Australia) tree couch
Shane's (PDX) ball and joint coffee table sketch
Designer X's refinished furniture concepts

Designer X's biodegradable plastics chair concept

Aug 5, 2009

Furnathon 09: Furniture & Design Marathon

August 24 - 30th

An exchange of ideas for the exercise of creative expression, centering on furniture, product, and small space design.

7 days of design
Up to one idea a day submitted, per designer
Submissions can be sketches, models, renderings, or video.
Furniture Gang will promote designs on website and blog.
We may be so impressed that we would love to have you on the team.

We accept JPG, GIF, and PNG images, 8MB maximum size.
For videos; AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, Real, 100 MB max.
A blurb of what your design means to you.
Who you are, what you do, why you do it.
Your contact info.

Legal stuff:
This is about creative expression and sharing design ideas. Designers retain any rights of ownership.
No entry fees.