Aug 28, 2009

Classic Car Rehash

My brother and I have a '67 Pontiac Firebird that we occasionally work on. The backup plan (if we never get it to run) is similar to the concept rendering above. Yank out the engine and seats, put a bbq/cooking area in the engine compartment for a classic car backyard pavilion. In place of the seats, a new bed platform done in the same style as the original seats is put in the car interior with a working stereo and lights. Chop a sun/moon roof in the top and you have a micro guest house. The key is to make to car look flash, new tires and a good paint job and all working electronics including a heater but it becomes a feature of the yard, garage, etc. This is a continuation of greg's post about rethinking the car.

Why: Because I love the shape of classic cars and think they should be used for other purposes beyond transportation
Who: Ben Allee

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