Aug 26, 2009

Adult High Chair

Why: "My design is essentially a chair with a tray that pulls from a side compartment, with a modern look and feel. The idea behind it is a take-off on high chairs made for kids - why not have an adult, nice-looking chair that can be used in lieu of a table, be put in any room, and can work as a somewhat portable desk for laptop use, dinner for one, etc. Kind of like school chairs with the tray on top, but again, more modern and lighter, with the option to put the tray down."

Who: Tina G, background in fine art and graphic design

Where: Topanga, CA

Great idea and thanks for the submission, Tina. Maybe the table portion could just be an add-on for any chair which would expand the number of people that could use your design. Feel free to send in any other designs you have been sitting on to share.

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