Aug 26, 2009

Astronaut Campfire

We need some advanced planning because 2020 is sooner than we all think. With Virgin Galactic and space hotels and what not left to their own devices we'll end up with spaces designed by engineers. that means the difference between living on an oil rig or some sweet future systems dream scape. we need to start to define the needs and spaces on spacial settlement.

The space campfire might be an obtuse future projection of a need, but is indicative of a basic requirement for socializing. Besides, where are the future space boyscouts going to tell stories similar to: 'and the call was coming from inside the lunar module!'

Fire in space? I'm not too clear on the details, I'm not a scientist. What I believe is important is to make sure the basics of human habitation are covered. Can't you already taste those space dogs? I'm not sure what the recommendation of the augustine panel was but what else would you like on the moon?

Why: I have been listening to a lot of the 'space show podcast' and reading Philip K Dick, and I love any excuse to do some watercolor sketches. A special shout out to Dr. Space - Dr. David Livingston. Keep the dream alive.

Who: Ben Allee

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