Dec 16, 2009

6hr pallet bed

much like my love of shipping containers, pallets are in the category of cheap and usable industrial products. i am of the lo-tek persuasion (the design firm and the william gibson fictional tribe) where using pre-made industrial artifacts can make more sense than crafting from scratch. see below for some pointers on achieving success in pallet projects.

i worked with the existing framing of the pallets to cut along lines that made complete structural elements. then it just became a process of linking and combining those modules into the desired form, in this case a bed with storage bays underneath.

photos courtesy of accio photography

the 6 hr. pallet bed - a little more sanding and it could look really nice. the adjustable feet are key for leveling out the height variations in the pallets. it is part of my ''concept to build'' philosophy of furniture design and crafting, less about a finished piece and more about a working model to explore the forms of these wooden lego blocks.


$7.00 (6) adjustable feet

$0 7 pallets (reclaimed and recycled)

$4.00 sanding disks

$6.70 screws

total cost $17.70

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