Sep 15, 2010

Tiny House Version 1

Level 1 Plan L1-384 Deck-192 L2-144 Total-528

Design rationale - It is organized around a small plan with only the essential elements following the small house concept. The deck faces south to allow for passive solar heating of the house. A storage spine is the main organizing principle with a hall and spaces feeding off. I have separated out toilet and shower for an improved bathing experience.

Level 2 plan L2-144

The loft level has a simple bedroom with a window seat and built-in closets. The south facing wall is a wrapping window that could allow for roof access.

I stumbled across Jay Shafer's website ( a couple of years ago and have been intrigued about the idea ever since. There has always been a market for RVs, trailers and small prefab pods but I think this is starting to address a new potential for high quality and authentic materials in a micro house that can be mobile.

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